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From a major manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals:
"We really appreciate your working with us to develop the flow analysis program...Through the process of developing it with you we now have... something that we can implement based on the theory as it presently exists."

From a major manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals:
"I certainly appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us regarding granulation … We experienced very little granulation issues … If the issues occur again I won't hesitate to re-new your acquaintance. Thanks again."

From a major player in the Energy industry:
"Very helpful report indeed! Illuminates the importance of fundamental particle characterization for equipment design ... From now on, we shall send samples to you for analysis before we design equipment so we can ensure reliable operation."


We have reduced off-spec material production from 50% down to less than 1%

From a major manufacturer of Soap Powder:
"The bin did fill very symmetrically, and I did not observe some of the swirl patterning and ratholeing [sic] that was commonly observed in the existing bins ... All of our bin blended runs (new bin plus an existing bin) are passing quality."


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