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IMG 1256 smWith over 35 years experience solving bulk powder and granule handling problems - Dr. Kerry Johanson is the industry leader. Material Flow Solutions provides cost effective engineered solutions based on measured key flow properties and sound scientific principles.

We offer both the material flow property testing and the design experience to solve many flow problems facing producers of fine powders and granules. Our services extend to pharmaceutical, chemical, food, bio-fuels, agricultural, ceramic, paper, power and mining: all bulk material handling industries.

  • The innovative SPECTester uses state-of-the-art spectroscopic technology to measure your sample of up to 6 unique components reports how much, as well as why, your material is segregating.

    It provides data about: particle size differences, product uniformity, component concentrations, and up to 4 specific segregation mechanisms. This segregation tester can be used in R&D facilities as well as in production plants for mid-stream quality control.

  • SSSpinTester applies the science of centrifugal force to the measurement of unconfined yield strength of fine powders by first consolidating material using centrifugal force and then causing the compacted material to yield using centrifugal force.

    Using state-of- the-art technology, it allows measurement at forces as small as 0.05 kPa and as large as 72 kPa (ASTM standard base limestone). We no longer must rely on inherently inaccurate extrapolation for answers.


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