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We model your process and predict flow behavior using our finite element (FEM) and discrete element (DEM) modeling capabilities.
Material Flow SolutionsPredicting Process Behavior
• Predicting - Bin Velocity Profiles
• Predicting - Maximum Flow Rate
• Predicting - Optimal Gas Distribution
Predicting - Optimal Gas Injection
• Predicting - Residence Time Distributions
• Predicting - Segregation Tendencies
• Predicting - Settlement Times
Predicting - Solids Wall Loads

Modeling Process Behavior
• Modeling - Attrition
• Modeling - Blending
• Modeling - Cohesion
• Modeling - Flow Rates
Modeling - Gas Effects
• Modeling - Population Balance
• Modeling - Roll Press Operation
• Modeling - Segregation
• Modeling - Sequential Process Steps
Modeling - Solids Loads
• Modeling - Temperature Effects

Modeling Segregation in a Process

Flow Consultant-in-a-Box
Modeling Software Simulates Flow Through a System


The Flow Consultant-in-a-Box software uses measured flow property information, segregation potential information from the SPECTester and a description of YOUR process and outputs the expected flow and segregation behavior of material within the defined process without doing costly scale modeling.

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