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Often engineers are asked to develop a product that must operate using existing plant equipment while, at the same time, providing specified characteristics for customers. Focusing on the relationship between material properties and product design, we measure the particle scale and bulk scale properties of components that create your product. Product behavior can be predicted and optimized by using these measurements in our product design models.

Material Flow Solutions

Product Design Approaches
Multi-component Mixtures
Fine Powders
Fibrous Materials

Measure Bulk Flow Properties
Hangup and Cohesive Property Control
Control Density
Control Permeability
Control Size Degradation
Control Segregation

Successful Product Design
Attrition Prevention and Control
Segregation Prevention
Flow-Rate Control
Flowability Control

Material Flow Solutions, Inc.
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Phone: (352) 379-8879

Material Flow Solutions, Inc.     Material Flow Solutions

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